Landing in the spam folder is essentially a one-way ticket to obscurity—no visibility, no engagement, no conversions. How can your email users possibly appreciate your products if your emails vanish into this digital abyss? According to Gmail, pristine email deliverability boils down to two fundamental pillars: your sender's reputation and the intrinsic value your content delivers. So, how do you ensure that your emails not only reach the inbox but also resonate and engage?

Here's how:

1. Optimised Copywriting

Calls to Action

Boost engagement and deliverability with a clear command action above the fold. Go beyond standard prompts like "Shop Now", "Discover More", or "Start Today". Instead, tailor your calls to action, using creative and persuasive language like "Shop Radiant Skin" or "Start Your Wellness Journey" to capture interest and drive action.

Steer Clear of Spam Triggers

Words are powerful, but the wrong ones can doom your emails to the spam folder. Scrutinise your language and purge spammy phrases that trigger filters. Avoid overusing words like "free,"  "discount,"  and "claim." Subtlety is your ally.

Craft Compelling Subject Lines

First impressions matter. Craft subject lines that are honest yet intriguing—avoid clickbait at all costs. Misleading headlines not only frustrate but also deter engagement. Minimise the use of ALL CAPS and excessive emojis, focusing instead on sparking curiosity through clever, thought-provoking phrasing that reflects the core message accurately.

Engage With Authenticity

Keeping your content dynamic and engaging is vital. If you keep sending the same old stuff, people just tune out and hit the spam button. Introduce different topics regularly to maintain freshness and relevance, recycle templates, and try a surprising subject line that makes people curious to read more. It's all about keeping it interesting and relevant for your audience. This way, they'll always look forward to what you have to say next.

2. Optimised Design

Optimal Image-to-Text Ratio

Beyond words, the visual design is crucial to captivating your audience, and balance is critical. Aim for a harmonious 60/40 split between visuals and text. This ratio ensures readability and engagement without overwhelming your audience. Keep the text brief—about 80–150 words. It's crucial to avoid relying solely on a single asset for your emails. This approach risks your emails' deliverability and misses the opportunity for personalisation.

Mobile Optimisation 

With mobile devices dominating email consumption, ensuring your designs adapt gracefully to smaller screens is paramount. Use large, readable fonts and intuitive layouts to enhance accessibility. Yet, it's crucial not to sideline those email users who prefer desktop; maintaining a balance ensures you captivate every segment of your hard-won audience without alienating anyone.

Custom Brand Templates

Use a mix of bespoke templates, incorporating consistency with global headers, footers and design from a master template to forge a strong visual identity. This strategy unifies your messaging and forges unforgettable connections across every touchpoint.

3. Deliverability

Signposting For New Subscribers 

Use the signup popup to direct users straight to their inbox to look for their welcome email, ensuring they engage with the welcome flow right from the start. Prompt them to open the initial emails to access any incentives offered. The welcome flow is an essential introduction to your brand—keep it focused and exclude campaigns to ensure a clear, uncluttered brand discovery experience.

List Segmentation 

Engage different segments with tailored content. More frequent updates for active users and re-engagement campaigns for the dormant can clean your list and enhance interactions.

Re-Engagement and Easy Exit

Regularly invite inactive subscribers to reconnect or opt out. This keeps your list healthy and your engagement rates high, reducing the risk of being flagged as spam.

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