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We specialise in driving customer revenue and lifetime value through data-driven strategies, nurturing deep emotional connections, and sustainable long-term business growth.

The future of commerce

is here.


Brands that partner with us see an average ROI 2x higher than the Klaviyo average and an 8x return on investment within a year.


Holistic approach to leverage the ecommerce ecosystem, offering retention marketing solutions that retain and convert customers.



Increase in repeat purchasers
+68% increase in repeat purchasers within 3 months
Wrinkles Schminkles
Increase in Campaign click rate
Over the BFCM period 2023
sign up form rate
16.7% higher than the typical benchmark of 2.3% over BFCM
Balance Me
Klaviyo attributed revenue
With just 8 initial warm-up campaigns, overall email revenue increased by 102%
Studio 10
WIthin 30 days, Klaviyo accounted for 42% of all store revenue
Jess Collett Milliner
Increase revenue
Increased revenue in the first year with Rebel360
GP Nutrition

Shift your marketing efforts toward profitability with world-class retention marketing.

We are pioneers in helping brands discover their unique identity and creating sustainable growth with accountability and transparency.

We Are Not
Your Traditional

The digital marketing world has been reshaped by iOS14, skyrocketing acquisition costs and marking the end of cheap, high-profit traffic. Our focus? A strategic shift to robust retention strategies, intricately woven with your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) payback period, for optimal performance.
At our core, we specialise in retention marketing, skillfully merging it with acquisition strategies for cohesive and potent growth. Always one step ahead, we excel in driving retention strategies that truly convert by harnessing the power of innovation and collaboration and crafting exceptional data-driven solutions.

business growth.

Our strategies are meticulously designed to boost Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and craft unparalleled customer journeys. By leveraging the full spectrum of the ecommerce ecosystem and focusing on owned marketing channels, we ensure every customer interaction is an enriching experience. 

Growth Strategic Consulting

Full service data-driven consulting that fuels growth through optimised customer experiences and KPIs.

Klaviyo Email and SMS Marketing

We partner with Klaviyo to harness the power of email automation, segmentation, and personalisation to turn your audience into high-value, long-term brand advocates.

Shopify Design and Development (UX + UI)

Enhance your conversion rate, boost the average order value, and extend customer lifetime value by leveraging our team of data-savvy experts.


Our omnichannel approach allows us to exceed expectations, improve customer retention, and drive revenue growth.


We optimise the tools and apps you use with Klaviyo and Shopify to turn your brand into a revenue-generating powerhouse.


Our niche team combine premium brand design with an optimised strategy to increase your revenue and customer lifetime value.
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Emma and her team are brilliant - focused, driven and dedicated to improving retention for brands. If you are an e-commerce brand looking to elevate your retention strategy through email marketing, speak to Emma. What an incredible wealth of knowledge, her insight and foresight for what’s next will keep you at the top of your game from the get go!

Stella Braje
Head of Sales & Growth | Videowise


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