About Us
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We are

Our roots lie in the entrepreneurial space, and this ethos runs through our core. With one co-founder growing a successful brand and the other leading a thriving agency, our unique vantage point empowers us to develop strategies that deeply resonate with brands.
Whether you’re a startup embarking on uncharted territory or an established business searching for fresh perspectives, we intimately understand your journey because we’ve walked the same path.

We are not your traditional agency.

We are a niche team of email designers, copywriters, analysts, marketers, developers, and project managers with a passion for creativity, fearless thinking, and innovation.

We care about the work we do and the people we work with.

We are the 1%.

We are the 1%: which is the percentage of creative agencies that are 100% founded by women. If brands want their messaging to hit authentically, they need gutsy teams of all genders behind them. We aim to restore balance and create opportunity – making the marketing industry more inclusive and inspiring for everyone.

The future of commerce

is here.


Brands that partner with us see an average ROI 2x higher than the Klaviyo average and an 8x return on investment within a year.


Holistic approach to leverage the ecommerce ecosystem, offering retention marketing solutions that retain and convert customers.

Our Team

Emma Powell

Emma’s winning formula comprises creativity, laid-back leadership and intuitive insights. Her holistic approach, digital know-how, and innovation aptitude have inspired many creative campaigns that spark success stories for the brands she represents. A driven entrepreneur with a talent for envisioning the big picture while interrogating granular data in exquisite detail, she can pull focus in a way that hones brand strategy and sustainable growth for her clients.

Grace Fodor

The unstoppable rebel behind our creative agency. Grace also wears the hat of a brand owner, infusing the world of data-driven marketing with a fresh and innovative perspective. Driven by the frustration of agencies that fell short in optimising design and strategy, Grace decided to take matters into her own hands. Joining forces with her fellow co-founder, Emma, they have formed an extraordinary powerhouse that is turning the industry on its head.

Matthew Gard, FCA BA (Hons)

Matt is renowned for propelling operational efficiency and ensuring an unparalleled client experience. His journey, marked by a Chartered Accountancy background and success in building and leading professional services businesses as Managing Director, equips him with invaluable expertise. Matthew's dedication to client delight and fostering a cohesive team atmosphere underpins Rebel360's pledge to excellence and customer satisfaction. His financial acumen and leadership fortify Rebel360's growth trajectory.