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Customer-centric conversations at every brand touchpoint - digital and physical.

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Customer-centric conversations at every brand touchpoint - digital and physical.

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The Opportunity.

Studio10 is an ecommerce minimalist makeup company founded by PRO AGE, pro-beauty voice Grace Fodor. The brand specialises in selling multi-purpose products formulated with premium skincare ingredients that are easy to use and deliver the biggest punch with the least effort.

Rebel360 and Studio10 have partnered together since September 2021. Although Studio10 already had some flows and campaigns, they knew they needed a makeover to improve their conversion rate and engage their audience. The challenge was to create eye-catching emails with a more premium and clean design - moving away from a busy design that was seeing a lower purchase rate.

The Approach.

The new design would stand out to shoppers and keep them focused on finalising their orders while showcasing Studio10's brand personality and sending strategic offers, upsells, and educational content at the perfect time. Our goal was to respect email subscribers by only sharing valuable content and creating a personalised shopping experience with a beautiful design that users enjoyed opening and clicking through.

With just 8 initial warm-up campaigns, overall email revenue skyrocketed by +102%

By breaking down the customer journey into stages such as awareness, consideration, purchase, retention, and advocacy, Rebel360 gained a deeper understanding of the customers' needs, preferences, and behaviours.


Thanks to the initial 8 warm-up campaigns, Studio10's email revenue skyrocketed by an impressive +102%. The revenue boost was not just a one-off, as Rebel360 continued to work with Studio10 monthly, we continue to leverage  customer data to personalise messaging and offers and optimise campaigns and flows based on performance metrics such as conversion rates, customer retention, and lifetime value. By delivering high-quality content that respected the subscribers' inboxes Studio10 started seeing stronger customer connections and higher retention rates.

Q1 2023: increase Klaviyo Owned revenue +123.08%

Our customised strategy resulted in a beautiful and intuitive design that provided Studio10's users with a seamless and engaging experience. We were able to create relevant and valuable content that users enjoyed receiving, which led to higher retention rates and customer loyalty. Through our partnership, Studio10's retention rates increased significantly, showcasing the power of a well-crafted retention strategy.

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