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Personalising the buyer’s journey with an optimised ecommerce platform and data-driven email strategy.

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The Opportunity.

Immunocologie is a pioneering skincare brand committed to promoting skin health through 100% natural, plant-based ingredients. Founded by Karen Ballou following her battle with cancer and the adverse impacts that both the disease and its therapeutic regimens can exert on one's complexion, Immunocologie is firmly rooted in the ethos of holistic skincare, underpinned by rigorous scientific principles.

Offering an authentic story and product packed with powerful and purposeful formulas, they sought the support and expertise of Rebel360 to broaden their audience and deeply connect with them to build a lasting and loyal customer base.

The Approach.

As fervent supporters of conscious, holistic, and authentic beauty brands, we were excited to work with Immunocologie and support their long-term growth. Their existing ecommerce set-up and owned marketing engagement weren't optimised, limiting their growth. The result was high bounce rates and less-than-ideal conversion rates. Our approach was two-pronged: refresh their Shopify and develop a robust email flow strategy.

The enhancement of their Shopify platform was accompanied by a complete overhaul of their user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). Guided by data-driven insights that prioritise performance and a strong emphasis on improving the customer experience, their website underwent optimisation to achieve greater functionality, flexibility, and scalability.

To enhance personalisation and gather valuable zero-party data for tailoring the customer journey, a skincare quiz was integrated. This strategic addition allows for a more customised shopping experience and provides opportunities to maximise upselling and cross-selling by offering relevant products.

Having fine-tuned their platform into a proficient data collection and audience engagement tool, we honed in on the expansion of a highly pertinent audience. This strategic move resulted in a notable reduction in unsubscribe and bounce rates. Our approach was about reaching a broad audience and establishing connections with individuals likely to evolve into long-term, loyal customers. The ultimate goal? A strategy that boosted revenue in the short term and laid the foundation for enduring customer loyalty.


We accomplished a remarkable 100% surge in email campaign revenue in just one quarter. This achievement resulted from our two-fold strategy: first, our efforts in expanding the audience, which led to a substantial 278% growth in the email list; and second, our data-informed audience segmentation.

Focusing on precisely targeted email campaigns, our approach effectively engaged new and existing customers with relevant and valuable content. This approach nurtured an active audience with a high likelihood of transforming into a loyal, long-term customer base.

During our initial month of email campaigns in partnership with Immunocologie, which spanned from June to July 2023, we witnessed impressive metrics, including a robust 110% increase in campaign open rates and 880% surge in campaign click rates. The outcome was a notable 126% boost in owned percentage revenue.

The subsequent month continued to deliver with an additional 118% increase in campaign open rates and a substantial 43% increase in the average order value.

Over the third quarter, the most noteworthy outcomes were the 199% increase in conversion rates and a substantial 193% increase in revenue per recipient.

With this solid foundation of optimised and synchronised ecommerce and email strategy, we eagerly anticipate even more significant successes in the future.

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