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GP Nutrition

Driving growth and engagement through strategic partnership.

In short

Driving growth and engagement through strategic partnership.

what we did

Increased lead capture

Enhanced user experience

Revenue Growth

Personalised Content Strategy

The Opportunity.

For two years, Rebel360 and GP Nutrition, a leading nutrition and wellness brand have collaborated to enhance GP Nutrition's email marketing and retention strategy. The initial audit when we first came on board revealed disconnected flows, designs, and discounts across platforms, prompting a shift from pushy sales techniques to a more cohesive and user-centric approach. The goal was to build credibility, trust, and engagement by delivering valuable content to subscribers and optimising email flows.

The challenge

  1. Inconsistent user experience across platforms
  2. Overreliance on discounts and sales-driven tactics
  3. Need for improved communication and content quality
  4. Optimisation of Klaviyo-owned revenue through enhanced flows

We leveraged quantitative data from Klaviyo and user interaction insights, such as website data and heatmaps. This analysis formed the foundation for a high-level roadmap, highlighting key areas for optimisation and identifying opportunities for increased engagement and revenue.

The Approach.

User-centric: Rebel360 focused on educating and empowering GP Nutrition's audience, establishing the brand as a credible source of valuable content. This approach aimed to elevate GP Nutrition's communication and respect subscribers' interests and preferences.

Streamlined flows: By reconfiguring email flows, Rebel360 significantly improved its effectiveness. The average revenue generated through flows increased from 10% to 28% of Klaviyo-owned revenue.

Custom strategy development: Rebel360 employed data-driven insights, audience analysis, and previous campaign and flow data to craft a tailored strategy. This comprehensive approach ensured maximum conversion and engagement.

Content optimisation: Our niche team of email designers, copywriters, analysts, marketers, developers, and project managers combined premium brand design with an optimised strategy to increase revenue and customer lifetime value.


The collaboration between Rebel360 and GP Nutrition yielded remarkable outcomes:

Increased lead capture: Utilising gamification, GP Nutrition achieved an average lead capture rate of 9.8% from store visitors.

Enhanced user experience: GP Nutrition's brand perception improved, with a focus on education, credibility, and building trust with shoppers.

Revenue growth: Optimised flows contributed to a substantial increase in Klaviyo-owned revenue, accounting for 30% of overall revenue.

Personalised content strategy: The content calendar developed by Rebel360 ensured consistent and targeted messaging, maximising engagement and conversion rates with full transparency.

By focusing on a retention marketing approach and aligning messaging, flows, and content, GP Nutrition experienced impressive engagement, revenue growth, and customer satisfaction.

Rebel360's ongoing relationship with GP Nutrition demonstrates the power of data-driven strategies, holistic optimisation, and collaborative partnerships in driving business success.

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