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Wrinkles Schminkles

Wrinkles Schminkles

Leverage tech and automation for unparalleled engagement.

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Optimised tech stack for streamlined automation - boosting customer engagement and retention.

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List Growth

Full Service Email & SMS Marketing

The Opportunity.

Wrinkles Schminkles, a whimsically-named global leader in non-invasive anti-aging treatments, combines fun with real, rapid-result science. Renowned for their 100% Medical Grade Silicone Patches and a full range of swift-acting skincare, they promise visible wrinkle-smoothing results.

Given Rebel360's deep-rooted expertise in the FemTech arena, they partnered with us to amplify data-centric marketing tactics and boost their digital growth and outreach initiatives.

The Approach.

By anchoring their approach in a holistic analysis, we set precise revenue targets and delineated KPIs for every channel. Their email marketing underwent a transformative enhancement, leveraging segmentation, personalisation, and advanced testing to supercharge engagement. Simultaneously, their SMS campaigns were revitalised with targeted initiatives and a renewed focus on engagement. A pivotal addition to our strategy was the integration of a dynamic quiz. This not only engaged users but also harvested valuable data points, which were seamlessly channeled into automated email flows, further bolstering revenue.

Channel Optimisation (Q3 2023)

Email campaigns generated a 220% growth, with revenue per recipient and conversion rate increasing by 15% and 11% respectively. Deliveries for campaigns reflected a 178% growth. Email flows contributed an increase of 186%. The revenue per recipient for flows was A$2.77, a 19% increase, and the conversion rate improved by 11% to 2.89%. The delivery count for flows showed a significant 141% growth. This data underscores the strategic effectiveness and robust performance of the owned channels.

Data-Driven Decision-Making (Q3 2023)

Leveraging advanced AI technologies with strategic marketing has significantly amplified customer engagement, resulting in an impressive 223% growth from Q3 2022. Our focus on cultivating and nurturing customer relationships led to a remarkable 60% rise in repeat customers within a month. This profound insight into our audience's preferences and behaviours facilitated a 176% surge in campaign revenue over three months. Our strategic alliance with Octane AI further elevated our performance, contributing to a 23% revenue growth in the same period.

List Growth Q3 2023

Through the strategic integration of Octane.ai, we curated immersive and tailored user experiences, primarily leveraging AI-enhanced quizzes and content to gather invaluable user insights. This approach led to a remarkable 442% growth in our list, amassing a vibrant community of 8.72K members. The strategies implemented not only facilitated significant list growth but also laid a foundation for an engaged and interactive community, presenting numerous future opportunities for further engagement and monetisation.


Optimising their full tech stack and automating their email outreach with data driven insights proved to be a powerhouse contributor to their total business revenue. With the power of Klaviyo, we were able to gain 10.1K new subscribers to their email lists in less than four months, share timely, value added content through our strategic email flow and create a stronger base of brand-loyal, repeat customers.

By syncing Relo’s Repeat Buy into their tech set-up, we were able to analyse average order gaps and quickly gain customer insights, realising a 42% uptick in repeat buyers' click through rates. Additionally, we achieved a +60% increase in repeat purchasers within just three months.

The overall results were robust with a 28% increase in the percentage of revenue from owned channels in Q3 2023 alone.

This is just the beginning and we expect performance to increase as we roll our more data driven campaigns focused on high-quality, relevant content.

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